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Jay Sean

The 1st ever South Asian billboard #1 artist.

While on tour in Asia, Jay Sean, discovered a love for sake. He longed to create a drink that could deliver Sake’s unique health benefits without a compromise on great taste. With that inspiration, smoothsail™ sparkling sake, the world’s first premium canned sparkling sake brand, was born!

reimagining sake

The sake market has long suffered from consumers’ lack of education as well as high mark-ups, confusing labels, and limited points of sale. Made from Japanese rice wine, prized for sparing some from the painful of effects of hangovers, smoothsail™ is free of sulfites, tannins and gluten. smoothsail™ has a 7% ABV, nearly double that of mainstream hard seltzers. Made using only the cleanest premium-grade sake, ultra-filtered water, a unique stevia extract blend, and a precise brewing process, smoothsail™ is truly one of a kind.

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