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Berry Sparkling Sake 8pk

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An 8 - pack of carbonated sake with a refreshing cucumber berry flavor. 

Smoothsail uses the cleanest premium grade Sake, ultra-filtered water and a unique brewing process that is free of sulfites, tannins, gluten and sugar. At 7% ABV, which is nearly 50% more alcohol than the leading hard seltzers our Sake does not require you to drink several cans to get that perfect "Sake buzz." Because there are no sulfites or sugar you’ll have an easy morning.

  • Premium Grade
  • Sulfite & tannin free
  • OG Sugar
  • Gluten Free
  • Ultra filtered water
  • 7% abv

Shipping available to all states except: Alabama, Mississippi, Utah, Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Rhode Island and specific counties and US territories.

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